Aerolib Healthcare Solutions is helping hospitals, health plans  and small group practices with practice improvement, peer review and disease specific documentation improvement improvement services through its analytics and dashboards. The service is designed to collect, report, and perform analysis of healthcare quality data for healthcare business practices and revenue cycle management. We can analyse claims date for HCC (Hierarchical Condition Categories) and provide consulting for Risk Adjustment and Value Based Purchasing. Aerolib`s dashboard are being used for clinical audits, emergency room audits for improvement of hospital operations management. The Aerolib Learning Management System is an On-demand E-learning system for Clinical and Regulatory education for Physicians, Physician Advisors, Case managers, Utilization Review personnel and Hospital Administration that is based on Aerolib`s successful education methodology of Disease Specific Documentation Improvement and is being used in verifying the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals. The use of the Aerolib Learning Management system supports our mission of Patient Centered Total Quality Management by promoting collaboration within the scientific, research and medical communities to achieve advances in the field of healthcare. We can assess your healthcare organizations`s risk exposure, review polices and procedures, review medical records for strengths and weaknesses, discuss findings with providers and prepare recommendation reports for regulatory and clinical compliance.