About us

About Aerolib

“Our mission is to provide Patient Centered Total Quality Management solutions to healthcare organizations. Our approach focuses on safety, quality and service to patients in the hospital, ambulatory clinics, nursing home and rehabilitation settings.”

Aerolib Healthcare Solutions is a consulting firm based in Dallas, TX started by Dr. Deepak Pahuja. Dr. Pahuja is a board certified Internist and Pediatrician with extensive hospitalist experience. The firm emphasizes the importance of documentation in the patient record by all participants in the process: triage, emergency room, attending physician, consultants and nursing staff. Our decisions are based on clinical experience. We help Physicians and Case managers understand the importance of predictability of adverse clinical events and how to document them to get appropriate bedding status. We identify institutional current practices and how to develop a compliance program to prevent future audits. Our Analytics process helps healthcare institutions develop new strategies to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, provides new skills to participating healthcare providers and information to the case management and utilization teams to develop patient centered approach to Total Quality Management. Determining Audit Risk Score using the proprietary Aerolib Analytics summary helps determine individual case features. We have seen that inadequate documentation in the History/Physical, Discharge summary and daily progress notes can increase the score significantly. There is great opportunity to rectify this problem with proper physician education and involvement. We can provide physician education on necessary documentation for the patient record.