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The Aerolib Virtual Physician Advisor TeleUR Program allows you to schedule time with a physician advisor in real time and discuss many cases as part of daily case management rounds. Many hospitals use the program for daily concurrent rounds, weekly retrospective rounds and discussions regarding appeals and denials.

Aerolib Healthcare Solutions demonstrates use of telehealth networks to improve healthcare services for utilization review for hospitals in urban, rural, and frontier communities.

TeleUR can be used to:

  • Expand access to, coordinate, and improve the quality of health care services;
  • Improve and expand the training of health care providers; and/or
  • Expand and improve the quality of health information available to health care providers, patients, and their families regarding appropriate CMS policies.
  • Use evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches that focus on collaboration between case managers, utilization review personnel and clinical providers

Aerolib`s technology can offer significant cost savings for utilization review and denials management and offers clinicians a new form of service delivery that improves the quality of care.

Goal of TeleUR

24/7/365 Appropriate bedding status determinations through a collaborative approach and expanding Utilization Review communications:

  1. Improve patient bedding status determinations
  2. Optimize your Case management and Utilization review resources
  3. Boost internal communications
  4. Coordinate and expand TeleUR services across the healthcare system

Benefits of TeleUR

  1. Reduces cost associated with real time physician advisors
  2. Timely provision of bedding status recommendations
  3. Improves effective communication between case managers and physicians
  4. Improves compliance with rules and regulations

Service Type: Provider to Provider



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Key Characteristics of TeleUR

  1. Provider initiated
  2. Episodic or ongoing utilization review
  3. Hospital originating site
  1. Physicians
  2. Clinicians
  3. Case Managers
  4. Utilization review Nurses
  1. Concurrent Reviews
  2. Retrospective Reviews
  3. Readmission reviews
  4. Peer to Peer discussions
  5. Denials and appeals
  1. Improved patient bedding status
  2. Improved clinical documentation
  3. Coordination and implementation of utilization review services between physician advisors and clinical providers
  4. Encourage attendance in teleconference clinics and rounding